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Contractors Anonymous is the only FREE award-winning group in the UK giving support and practical advice for contractors who want to thrive

Are you a contractor?

Wanting support and practical advice on how to thrive in the contracting market?

Contactors Anonymous provides up to date and relevant insights, through the private Facebook group and regular newsletter...'The Memo'.

An insight into what hiring and recruiting managers are currently looking for and how you can adapt to make yourself more marketable.

If you want more personal support then you can apply to join the Contractors Academy, you'll get invited to bi-weekly Pulse Calls and can join our weekly drop in'Office Hours'. Advanced coaching on CV writing and interview preparation is also available.

If you want to remove the dependency on the volatile day rate market, the Academy can help your business transition to a Consultancy model with a portfolio of clients or even earn passive income from our (now famous) Splinter Products!


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If you’re already a contractor but you need some support or guidance...

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Meet your team

Contractors Anonymous was created and is led by Karen Frith, who has over 22 years’ experience in the contracting world. Having worked with some impressive brands such as Unilever, CO-OP, Cadbury, Zurich, BBC, Karen has never been without a contract!

Karen set up Contractors Anonymous to help fellow contractors with the every day struggles of the contracting world, and providing vital resources.

Contractors Anonymous supports people entering the contracting market AND those that are surviving and thriving within the sector. Karen uses all her experience and expertise to guide and support them to even more success.

The team at Contractors Anonymous have a wealth of experience and provide practical, tangible advice from real-life experience. They are NOT a team of fluffy theorists – they have been there and worn the t-shirt (hundreds of times)