• Find out what’s happening in your industry or investigate a new one
  • Discover what roles you could be suitable for
  • Investigate what organisations have programmes in-flight or due to start
  • Explore new locations or establish how far you could commute for the right role
  • Compare the market rates for the role, industry, location
  • Establish what you will compromise just because you didn’t plan ahead and need another contract NOW…


  • Prepare your strategy for the next 12 months
  • Create a realistic timeline for securing a new contract
  • Align your cash-flow with the recruitment timeline
  • Remember the seasons!
  • Produce the necessary content for your CV updates
  • Allow time for training or up-skilling for the right role
  • Have a back-up plan…


  • Let your close network know your plans
  • Be ready to swiftly tailor your CV (see what I did there!..)
  • Meet agents face to face & call them regularly
  • Attend social, community and networking events
  • Update ALL social media accounts
  • Do all of this when you’re still working!!!!

Do you want help with any of the above? We provide a number of options to take the hard work and stress away.


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