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Contractors Anonymous is a new community, founded by long-term contractor Karen Frith, to offer help and advice to potential and existing interim workers. It operates as a community for all types of ‘contingent labour’ and provides a safe place to ask questions, seek advice and share your stories.

We are NOT a traditional recruitment agency, but we do have relationships with some of the best in the industry and we definitely know how to get the best out of them !

We work for you, the Contractor, not the end client. This means that you pay us for our services & typically you can get a better day rate to compensate you. The end client also pays reduced fees so everyone wins…..except maybe the traditional recruitment agency who will lose their 20%+ commission.

We help contractors thrive in a profession where the rewards, financially and in terms of job satisfaction and personal development, are great but the demands are also significant. Contractors Anonymous provides a safe and supportive hub that enables contractors to share their experience and learn tools and techniques to maximise their potential.

If you are considering a move in the future or are about to embark on an interim work placement, you probably have many different questions:

· How do I move into this market?
· What can I expect to see, feel and do in my first contract?
· Who is going to help me get started and then develop?
· How do I get my next contract?
· How can I stand out in the market?

We can help to answer those questions and provide ongoing help.

Our founder, Karen, is an interim Programme Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the contracting market typically leading complex, high profile, transformational programmes for medium – large corporates. A passionate advocate for the contracting profession and the kind of life it can give you & your families.

Fortunate to work with many interesting clients there’s not much Karen hasn’t done or seen in the world of contracting and she has successfully used her 3-step process to ensure that she’s never out of work. Karen knows what it takes to be a ‘right-fit’ contractor and that has opened the door to amazing programmes with some iconic brands.

The highlight to date has been the London 2012 Olympic Games and the low point the standing down of the Williams & Glynn divestment programme in 2016. Overnight, thousands of contractors were placed on notice, many of whom came to Karen for advice. She drew on her vast contracting experience to help the out of work contractors structure their job search, build their resilience and secure their next role; that was how Contractors Anonymous was born.

The business arena is changing and the pool of interim workers is predicted to be the fastest-growing labour force in the UK, yet contractors can feel unloved and displaced, brought in when their skilled resource is required and then let go as soon as the job is over……and often treated in a very casual manner in-between.

It sounds brutal and it can be, but it can also be very rewarding – both financially and in terms of job satisfaction and personal development.

By joining the Contractors Anonymous Community, you can benefit from the guidance and expertise of existing interim workers and have the opportunity to contribute to forums and share your knowledge, experience and perhaps some war wounds that’ll help others.

Why don’t you Join Us and start finding answers to all of the questions buzzing around in your head right now!


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