The fear of changing jobs: what’s stopping you?

Ever get the feeling that you’re stuck in a rut? Caught up in a dead-end job and seemingly going nowhere? We’ve all been there. But the difference is, only some of us will have the guts and determination to make the change that’s needed. The rest? Well, in fact, the majority? They’ll get an overwhelming sense of fear for the unknown and won’t take the steps to improve both their career and life for the better. So, which category do you fall into?
Well, you’ve already taken the steps to come this far, so maybe you’re considering life as a contractor? Perhaps you’re just looking for that little bit of encouragement that you need to get yourself out of that catch-22 and, instead, become your own boss? In which case, we’re sure the following common worries about changing jobs will sound all too familiar to you. You just need to know how to overcome them.

Job security

One thing that stops so many people from going self-employed and pursuing a career as a freelancer or a contractor is the lack of job security. But have you thought about what would happen if one day you walked into work at your current job, only to be told that you’re at risk of being made redundant?
We often don’t realise that there’s just as much lack of job security when you’re in full-time employment as there is when you’re self-employed. In fact, with contracting, you actually have a much firmer idea of what lies ahead. You agree to a contract, knowing exactly how long it’s going to last. So with that in mind, you can always keep your next contract in your sights; staying one step ahead of the game.


Of course, the biggest factor when it comes to being stuck in a job or having the courage to try something new, is how much money you’re going to earn. You may well be on a decent salary where you are, but is it really worth staying in a job where you’re just not happy? People seem to think that progressing through your career by earning more money is the only way to stay happy. When in actual fact, you’re so much more likely to be content doing something that you really love.
Plus, when it comes to contracting, you have the potential to earn more anyway. You get to set your own rates and you’ll find that contractors tend to be paid more than those on a basic salary too.


You might be apprehensive about starting a new job, as you’ve got family at home who rely on your income, your being there and your support. But surely, if you take the plunge to become a contractor, you might struggle for money, be working long hours and end up more stressed when you are at home, right? Wrong.
At Contractors Anonymous, we help you to find the perfect contracting position that’s right for you and your circumstances. To a certain degree, you get to choose the hours that you work. And what’s more? We’ll always help you to find a contract that’s in the right location, so you never have far to commute; meaning you can be home in time for dinner with the kids.

Health and wellbeing

It’s unbelievable to think how many people feel they’re better off staying in a job they hate, just because it pays the bills. Are you guilty of thinking that because you have a ‘secure’ job, it’s bound to keep you healthier and happier? You’ll be amazed at how detrimental to your health a stressful, dissatisfying and mundane job can be. After all, you’re likely spending around 40 hours a week there. That’s a big chunk of your time!
Change is so often a good thing; and anything that positively changes our health and wellbeing is even better. Did you know that, according to the results of a study carried out by the University of Exeter, self-employed people are the happiest types of worker? Which just goes to show that being a contractor certainly pays off in more ways than one.


Leading on from change, how many of us are guilty of not wanting to change a job because we’ve become too comfy in a routine? You might have an easy commute. The kids’ school might be just around the corner. You might have your close group of friends within your office. But how much are you really getting from your job?

A new career direction can be just the challenge you’re needing. Contracting may seem like a bit of a whirlwind with things constantly changing. However, if you want to, we can help you to find contracts that allow you plenty of time to settle into a routine. But our guess is that once you start contracting, you’ll love the variety that’ll it’ll bring.


Sometimes certain jobs or work situations have the ability to really knock your confidence, making you reluctant to get out there and explore your other options. Maybe you’re doubting your ability to run your own business or successfully carry out a contracting position within another business? What if you don’t have the desired skill-set?

These are all familiar thoughts that are bound to go through your mind when considering your future career. But that’s where we, and many others who were once in your shoes, are here to help. At Contractors Anonymous, we’ll discuss your strengths and your weaknesses and exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a role, ensuring we get the right fit contract for you.

So, come on… What’s stopping you from making a change for the better? The community at Contractors Anonymous is here to support you every step of the way, so there’s never any need to fear changing jobs.