What We Do

Personal Contracting Profile, Personal Agent, Personal Coaching


  • Do you have your company set-up?
  • Do you know your obligations when running the company? 
  • Are you insured?
  • What are your key skills?
  • Where do you want to work?
  • How much to do you want (need!) to earn?



  • Start working for you 8-10 weeks before your current contract is due to finish
  • Scan for suitable roles, contact reputable recruitment agents to let them know how good you are & that you’re available
  • Tailor your CV for each role your interested in
  • Prompt you to tweak your social media accounts – provide relevant content




  • Once you’re in your new role we provide regular support 
  • A friendly, safe place to get peer support on the documents & presentations you need to submit
  • Help you identify the development opportunities and get the necessary training
  • Get you ready for the next contract!


Stamford, Lincolnshire
Liverpool, Merseyside

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