How We Help You Help Yourself

Your Personal Agent

Have you received your Personal Contracting Profile and want more help?

Are you already Contracting but know you don’t have the time (or maybe the inclination?) to help yourself?

Would you like us to help you get ready for your next role?

We typically start 8-10 weeks out from when you want to start your next role so we now need to be very focused …

  • What specific content are you looking for? A development opportunity or lets stick with what you know?
  • What specific location is just perfect for your current situation?
  • What specific rate range are you needing to secure?

We have developed research tools that allow us to scan published roles & we have an extensive network of actual human beings sharing roles that never get published!

This is a bespoke service, tailored around your needs

We can offer a full package where we will share ‘right fit’ roles when you’re ready to move, update your CV for each role you want to apply for, contact trusted agents on your behalf, help you with interview prep, and give 1:1 coaching each week to keep your confidence levels up

Alternatively we can provide a ‘pick n mix’ based on your own needs

Email us to arrange an initial call

And once you’re in a new role we don’t have to leave you… talk to us about ourĀ Personal Coaching


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