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Personal Contracting Profile

Are you thinking about choosing Contracting as your next career?

Do you want to know if you’re suited and what it’s really like?

Speak with one of our team on 01832 771 019 to book a call with a Consultant & we will explore your personal goals, agree what is ‘non negotiable’, understand where you want to be in 3 years and curate the content you will need to help you achieve your goals. 

After the call we will craft your Personal Contracting Profile, content that will …

  • show a role that is ‘live’ on one of the major job boards that we think is a good fit for your needs
  • show a tailored first page of your CV
  • show what you need to consider when you tailor your CV for the next role you find
  • show what you need to do to start your research & planning for your new contracting journey …

Which could be to engage your very own Personal Agent 



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