You might not realise it, but you’re actually about to embark on the most productive quarter of your working year – the ‘golden quarter’. “How is it going to be any different?” you ask. Well, trust us at Contractors Anonymous when we say that everything is about to fall into place for you to have a great few months in your business & with your client…..all you have to do is take advantage of it!

Our theory is backed up by a study from Redbooth and Priceonomics, and autumn is the most productive time of the year and, more specifically, 11am on a Monday in October. Need some inspiration? A bit of convincing, perhaps? Here are just a few reasons why the time that passes between October and December will allow you to be more productive.

Fresh from summer holidays                                                                                                      

Hopefully you found some time to relax and unwind over the summer, whether it was a few days off from work or a holiday away with the family. It would’ve most likely been a much-needed break, leaving you invigorated, refreshed and ready to take on work again with a new lease of life and energy for your career. Maybe you had some time to make new plans for the future of your contracting roles? Well, now is the time to start putting those plans in place.

Kids back at school

If you juggle work and family life, then you’ll have just come to the end of a busy, action-packed few weeks with the kids being at home for their summer holidays. Even though work doesn’t stop for you for six weeks, it’s hard not to sometimes get distracted by having your family around you. So, now that your little ones are back at school, you’re able to get your head down and focus on the job in hand, whether that’s a current contract you’re working on or looking to find your next one.

No more bank holidays

We waved goodbye to the last bank holiday of the year back in August, so there’s now no disruption to your normal Monday to Friday working week until Christmas. You might think it’s nice having a four-day week here and there – which, of course, it is – but it can often have a bigger impact than you realise, causing stress in the lead-up and then the risk of falling behind on things when trying to play catch-up. But now, you’ve got a good few months of solid working weeks.

Only one week’s half term

Going back to our point about having kids around when they’re off school… Unlike the first part of the year when there’s February half term, Easter, May bank holidays and then summer; in this quarter, there’s only the one half term in October. That’ll come as a nice little break, if you can take some time off with them, but it won’t serve as too much of a distraction on the whole.

Less distracting weather

We’re sure you’ll agree that we had an absolutely cracking summer of weather, which could prove very distracting when trying to knuckle down and get work done in an office, especially if your contract allows you to work from home at any time. It’s easy to find yourself taking an extended lunch break or clocking off early to get out in the sunshine or make it down to the beer garden for a post-work pint. But now the cooler weather and shorter days will make it easier to stay focused and concentrate on the work that needs doing for your current contract.

The need to ‘get things done’

As successful individuals, it’s in our nature to set goals and deadlines in order to be accountable and get things done. Maybe you’re one of the many who’ll have had some form of New Year’s resolution that you’ve tried to stick to, be it for your personal life or career. In most cases, you’ll have set a target to achieve by the end of the year, whether it’s a financial goal, working for a particular company or carrying out a set number of contracts. If you’re behind target or want to really smash your goals, this golden quarter is crucial for you. Make it happen.

Wanting to earn more for the festive period

There are many reasons why we chose the path of contracting; the freedom, the control, the challenge and…dare we admit…the money? Of course we do. We all know what an expensive time of year Christmas and New Year can be, so if that’s not motivation to earn as much as you can in the lead-up, then we don’t know what is! There are presents to buy, parties to attend, outfits to buy, big food shops to be done, road trips to be made. Work hard now and you’ll reap the financial rewards later.

The promise of rewarding yourself at Christmas

Speaking of rewards, earning plenty of money in this golden quarter isn’t the only reason why it’s so important. No one wants to be thinking about work over the festive period, so put in the work now in order to enjoy some much-needed time off over Christmas and feel like you’ve truly earnt it. Enjoy all the celebrations, bust your best moves at the work party, spend some quality time with the family. Spend your time wisely, knowing that your work for the year is done and you can make the most of it now, before heading into a new year, ready to smash your next goals.

Don’t forget Furlough!

Save some of your hard earned cash for the January period when your enforced time off at the end of the pervious year means you could go 2 weeks without pay.

What are you hoping to achieve in your golden quarter? How can we at Contractors Anonymous help you to get there? What would you like the next step in your contracting career to be? Get in touch and let us help you to successfully reach your goals.